REVIEW: Bluebell Railway Afternoon Tea

by - December 23, 2008

I like steam trains, infact I would go so far to say I LOVE them.

The Bluebell Railway is a gorgeous little gem about a half hours drive from Brighton. One of the best ideas they have had in a while is to get hold of some original Pullman trains and offer a variety of dining experiences from the full evening shebang on the Golden Arrow Pullman to lower key affairs like fish and chip afternoon or the real ale train. Always one for a spot of afternoon tea and a bevvie of cakes and sandwiches I leapt at the opportunity for a cream tea onboard the first class lounge car. Cakes and steam trains in one hit? Too much!

You will see in the pic the sweet little mix of goodies and whilst not all homemade I feel (tut), they were enjoyed by staring out the window at the rolling hills of England and fields full of Partridge (bagging one was not exactly an option here), only interrupted by the charming toot of the whistle. The tea was kept topped up and the stands were refilled. The £30pp was well worth it for the whole experience. Even the egg sandwiches were good. And that's saying something.

Now if this was the sort of travelling experience you would get from London to Brighton even I'd be tempted to commute. Unfortunately being rammed on like sardines with the mobile yapping suited and booted and the culinary delights of a squashed coronation chicken sandwich from the service cart is enough to keep me away!

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