REVIEW: Deliveroo services in Brighton

This is the second instalment of my restaurant food delivery reviews. As I said, I think there really was a huge gap between restaurant standard food and typical take-away food (the latter I firmly steer away from). So raising the bar on the quality of delivery food can only be a good thing and it widens the dining-at-home market to people who may want a little more than a sweaty kebab in a bag for their dinner.

Today I tried out Deliveroo. Being fresh to Brighton, they are starting with a small delivery area so my home wasn't within the catchment for now. So a treat lunch at my studio it was then! Deliveroo already have some decent local restaurants on their books like Warung Tujuh, H.en, Indian Summer, Gars, Kenzi and my choice for today, Moshimo. But they also have some home delivery food that you would typically expect for home delivery like burgers, pizza and burritos.

You order though the website so this is a huge part of the customer experience. Happily, Deliveroo have really thought about the user experience of their site. It's quick, efficient, clean and well laid out. It also gets to the point from the homepage with little waffle. Enter your postcode and time and away you go.

The restaurant menus are clear and you can add and subtract from your order with ease. There are no irritating drop downs and all the information is presented at top level. You can see the total of your delivery at all times as well.

Payment transaction was also nippy, even with an account registration to fill in.

The status of the order was updated in real time (as well as an email alert) and the option to give feedback once your transaction is complete also given.

Website-wise I really had little to complain about. They could maybe include a field for further delivery instructions for awkward properties or flats (or doorbell ban warning for sleeping babies!) as well as a special dietary requirement area.

Delivery is just a flat rate £2.50 which is reasonable. I really put the delivery chap to the test as my studio is build on a development where the wayfinding part of the project was conducted by a sadist. But he found me at 12.30 spot on without so much of a sweat on his brow. I was also pleased not to see any cheeky credit card fees added to the order unlike some other food delivery services.

So to the food...Well I didn't need to know that Moshimo food was good, I really like the restaurant already, but how did the meal travel? My crispy vegetable gyoza were still true to their word on the outside and looked pretty in their patterned container.

I won some serious brownie points for my healthy choice of Loch Duart Salmon Teriyaki with brown rice. This was as enjoyable as the food envy looks it was getting from my colleagues and the salmon skin crisp. I was expecting two "salads" as per the menu but these were a nice selection of seaweed and ginger pickles. Lovely. (Dine in or in their stunning restaurant but you MUST try Moshimo out.)

Everything was hot and well packaged when it turned up. If delivery services continue to take off, maybe we need to consider packaging for the environment though. At the end of the day, it needs to be transported in a container but maybe there is a sustainable solution that is also appealing to look at.

Anyway, Deliveroo gets the thumbs up from me. The process is excellent, the delivery fees sensible and the scope for quality restaurants to get involved really exciting.

I was invited to review the Deliveroo service. Thoughts, as  always, are my own.